Different Factors To Consider When Choosing Storage Solutions For A Trucking Company

Another topic that comes up here in Anchorage a lot is storage… Where do we store anything and everything we own like tools, seasonal items, and even unused trailers and tractors? Well, finding affordable storage for any items from unused home appliances to large company trucks can be a difficult task; however, it doesn’t have to be. Nowadays, there are numerous types of storage solutions available that can resolve any storage problems an individual may have. The storage differs in size, cost, and period of use; therefore, it is essential to take certain points into account before purchasing or hiring the space. This article will provide some information on the considerations to make when seeking out the most effective storage solutions for a trucking company.

1. Determining The Amount Of Space Required

The first factor to take into account when perusing storage compartments and companies is the required size. This is dependent on the type of items to be stored, and in this case the item will be a truck. Of course, there are various size trucks and it is necessary to find a storage space that will fit the truck completely with some space around it. Determining the storage space can be done by measuring the truck and finding a compartment that will meet these measurements. If there are other items that need to be stored, it is necessary to both take measurements of the items and keep an inventory.

2. Finding The Most Suitable Cost

The majority of storage companies will rent the storage area at a certain amount per square foot. This can be rather costly, particularly if the storage solution is for trucking companies; however, there is a method whereby one can save some money while maintaining the required size of storage. This method includes the renting of a self storage unit instead of leasing a unit through a storage company. The charge of a self storage unit is generally per unit instead of per square meter which will save money in the long run.

3. Considering The Unit’s Climate Control

One factor that many individuals do not consider when purchasing storage units is the climate control within the unit. This is an important aspect of storage as the items within the space may require a certain climate for effective storage; for example, a large truck will find a colder climate detrimental as the cold could negatively affect the engine.

Climates are controlled using central air conditioning. The air conditioning can be set to a warm temperature with adjustable humidity levels, or a colder temperature with adjustable humidity levels. When locating the most effective storage solution, it is essential that one take this factor into consideration.

4. The Location Of The Unit

The final point to take into account is that of the storage unit’s location. It is recommended that one find storage space within the facility or near to the trucking company offices in order to maintain convenience. Unfortunately, finding a storage company close to one’s business can be difficult and slightly costly. It is important to weigh the option of convenience against the cost of the unit – sometimes spending more money isn’t such a bad thing.

Luckily for us though, we are located pretty close to the southern Anchorage, AK area and work with a local storage company, Top Shelf Storage. They have been able to accommodate the various storage needs we have and are reasonably priced. I’m not sure if they have any more room for trucks, considering we store a lot over there, but I’m sure you can either call them or go to their website to find out more. http://www.TopShelfStoragellc.com

All in all, I hope wherever you live you can find a storage facility to help your trucking company get the storage you need.